Our technical office is comprised of a human team that has the necessary training and experience, and undergoes a life-long training process.

40% of our personnel are engineers with different specialities: mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer and telecommunications, who are able to address the projects as a whole:

  • Site Management
  • Programmers of the different languages
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical workshop

The work quality of our human potential together with the executive team’s leadership and capacity, enhance our customer service and commitment values.

ASAI offers our customers speed, flexibility and maximum response capacity.

ASAI committed to safety:

  • Occupational safety of all its employees.
  • Of the equipment and cells delivered.
  • Of the environment and surroundings.
instalaciones asai

ASAI has its own means as well as the necessary strategic alliances to provide customers with a better service.

At our Zaragoza facilities, we have got:

talleres asai

Assembly, production and maintenance workshop

robotica industrial

Prototyping area

3D printers, industrial robots and collaborative robots.

calidad producción asai

Quality area

Portable three-dimensional scanner and measuring system (FARO)


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Our technical office is equipped with the latest software advances:

At ASAI we have the necessary licences for any customer requirement and they are used by the most qualified personnel to make the best use of the technologies at the highest level:

1. Licences for developing applications

For mechanical design:

asai solid works nx unigraphics

For electrical design:

licencias asai eplan electric

For metrology:

cam2 measure10

For simulation:

licencias roboguide process

For developing artificial vision projects:

licencias halcon asai

2. Licences for developing robot-based programs (PLC)

licencias siemens rockwell bosch schneider mitsubishi asai

3. Licences for machine safety

licencias pilz abb sick solidsafe asai